Who We Are?


The Pan African Women Organization (PAWO) was officially launched in 1962 in  Tanzania by H.E Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere in recognition to the contribution of visionary women who realized the need to unite the sisters from all African countries to play their  part. These women built closer relationships, shared experiences, losses and victories, as they struggled for independence and also addressed other common challenges.PAWO contributed a lot towards the independence and decolonization of the continent leading to total liberation and unification of the African content. It was key in the advocacy for the formation of the Organization of African Unity(OAU) currently the African Union(AU), the elimination of apartheid, fought the abuse of human rights of the African peoples globally and After most African countries became indepenent,PAWO embarked on sociao-economic development to   improve the lives of African peoples giving priority to peace and security, health,agriculture,eduction,gender parity among others, while upholding the Pan African ideologies, the good cultural norms and values that have always been the pride of Africa.


our vision and mission


A continent that is ideologically and patriotically unified,secure, independent,economically self-reliant and sustaining itself in a Pan African concept.


To address our socio-economic,developmental and political challenges with a view to find African solutions to African problems our selves.”Sisi Wenyewe”


Maintaining and reviving Regional Cooperation and integration where need be embedding Patriotic Pan African Ideologies in all we do.

Extraordinary Experience

Today, PAWO enjoys the status of a specialized agency of the African Union, where we bridge the gaps between members states, private sector,civil society, and the masses

Standing for the African cultural norms and values.

Regional offices

PAWO is a global organisation with six regional offices.