OUR aims and objectives


To mobilize and register members using all possible means and systems to sensitize, train and develop women networks that empower its members.

To ensure peace and security in our regions.

To uphold the Pan African patriotic ideologies and good cultural norms in our communities and regions at large .

To nurture and promote regional integration between African states, peoples and diaspora, highlighting the need for African Unity leading to the political unity.

To establish regional offices, leading to national chapters that should domesticate, coordinate and tackle priority issues to the grassroots.

To partner with communities, NGOs, development partners and government to fast-track implementation of priority services and programs that improve our people’s lives.

To play major and central roles in advocacy, lobbing and dialogue in conflict resolution to attain peace, security and freedom of people’s movements and goods in the region.

To create lasting relations and cooperation between women and youth in Africa and throughout the world for close relationship and partnership as key players.

To advocate for proactive policies and law reforms that enable the implementation of our programs within the laws that govern the 54 member states.

To support and promote integration of women in decision making positions in socioeconomic, developmental and political activities to achieve gender parity.

To create one block common market for our goods, produce and talent.

To advocate and lobby against the bad cultural norms and activities that harm or hurt the well-being of our people.


i. The main achievement that PAWO contributed to, was the total
decolonization of Africa around the 60s and participating in the
formation of the Organisation of African unity (O.A.U) today’s AU

ii. The fight for women’s rights and space, has been in high gear since then. Once these were achieved, then PAWO embarked on other programs, some of which include, but are not limited to:

iii. Functionalizing women involvement at all levels; globally, continentally, and nationally. These roles are Political, Social & Economic in nature.

iv. The inclusion of women in African politics, through continuous advocacy, activism and empowerment has been partly achieved and continues in partnership with the AUC and other partners.

v. Participation in policy making and reform processes, to influence policies and laws that favors women, youth and our communities in general.

vi. Empowerment of women and youth is done through mobilisation, sensitization, career guidance, orientation and capacity building initiatives that enables us in the implementation of visible developmental programs.

vii. PAWO having been part of the formation of O.A.U today’s AU, it went further to advocate for the creation of supportive organs with in the AU, namely: • Women, Gender and Youth Directorate. • Pan African Parliament (PAP) • ECOSOCC. • Peace and Security Directorate.

viii. Today, PAWO holds the status of a specialized agency at the African Union (AU) in recognition to its contributions.